Hey hi hello, I'm Mariah Barnaby-Norris — An illustrator and designer based in Portland, Oregon but from Canada originally with a bit of Australia mixed in there too. I love creating wonky worlds filled with imperfect and unrealistic things, making up approachable characters that are far more confident and fashion forward than myself and seeing what I can fit together or build off of as I go.  I am currently working at the lovely studio, Oddfellows as a designer and drawer of things. 
2020 ACE Award for Not-for-Profit Advertising Campaign // Illustration for FKA Agency's 'It’s Weird Out There'
2020 ACE Award for Not-For-Profit Poster/Out-Of-Home Series // Illustration for FKA Agency's 'It’s Weird Out There' 
2018 ACE Award for Illustration // Illustration for Kobot's Just Powers website
Readers Digest Canada
The Globe and Mail
University of Alberta
Collective Arts Brewing
Bloom Magazine
Bachelor of Design from University of Alberta
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